ABC/Disney’s The Mayor


I know what a lot of my NYC friends are saying right about now, “Oh, kaNO went Hollywood!” you know what? They’d be right on this one, lol. Crewest Studio contacted me and asked if I would be interested in painting a mural for ABC’s upcoming new show called “The Mayor”. This was one of those high profile gigs where the money was right, the exposure was right and they gave me a lot of creative freedom, plus it came with an assistant!


The only direction I was given was to make the mural “selfie” friendly, which means they want the public to interact with it and take pics. ABC also wanted me to include the hashtags #TheMayor and #represent.  I was given a link to the pilot episode which I drew inspiration from, literally. The main character Courtney Rose, is a cool young and optimistic kid, so I really wanted to capture his essence. I hit the drawing board running, once I had a concept down, I got some minor notes which I addressed. This is the final approved concept.


Next up, I brought my sketch in to photoshop where I picked out colors using the Montana Gold color chart. Montana Gold has become my go to brand for these type of projects, the paint is great quality and most art stores stock a wide range of their catalog. I always print out a color mock up like the one above and bring it to the wall when I paint, having the colors labeled helps a lot in terms of efficiency.


The wall for this ABC project was leased through ICU Walls, which came with an assistant. As luck would have it, the assistant ended up being one of my best paint buddies, Shane Jessup aka MEWS. This was the first time I ever used an assistant with the painting aspect of these projects and it won’t be the last, we finished this wall in record time!


Here's the final pic of the completed mural on the side of The Carrera Cafe, which ran for a full month on the corner of Melrose and N Harper Ave, right across the street  from the famous Paul Smith Pink wall.

The creator and the cast of "The Mayor" even showed up to take pics, how awesome is that?!!!

Last but not least,  here's some slick drone footage of the mural to wrap up this blog post, enjoy.