MF Fonzo! NYC

Fonzo Love NY I got a chance to rock this cool little platform figure called the Fonzo, designed by Gary Ham and produced by Freak store, it's a simple little pug with lots of DIY appeal.

MF Fonzo sketch

As soon as I saw the figure I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, luckily the concept came with a soundtrack to keep me focused.

4d766a5e512a11e2b7d622000a1f968a_7 I pushed myself on this one in terms of shades and lighting, had a blast and learned a couple of things in the process.09c0f56e585e11e28dfe22000a9e288f_7

I was pretty happy with the final product! MF Fonzo will be on exhibit at the myplasticheart gallery in NYC until mid February.