Bodega returns!

IMG_0059 It's been 5 years since Bodega was originally released by Bic Plastics, due to a suffering economy in 2010 the company didn't see it as a wise investment to produce more. I can't knock them for it, it's business, never personal, however as an artist... I had a vision for this figure that was never met. At the end of the day, nobody is going to nurture or invest in your ideas as much as you are. I stacked my chips, took my shit back and brought some art peeps along for the ride! It's truly an honor to bring one of my toys back to life and share the spot light with Tristan Eaton, TooFly, Pez, and Flying Fortress!  A huge shout out to them for their patience and friendship!


Ok, enough of the intro, let's hop a flight to NYC for the Bodega relaunch, back where it all started at myplasticheart toy store/gallery! Toofly is one of those inspiring artist I have continuously crossed paths with... as kids in junior high, as art students at SVA, and at gallery shows as exhibitors. I call her a power house because she does it on all levels, business, graff, production, fashion and always seems to operate on all cylinders. Toofly-x-kaNO  The event flyer for the evening.

946579_10151368544586302_1575984936_nThem NYC kids flying in to rep hard for the 718!

972105_10151368546506302_1969933890_nFans came out to support, L.E.S always shows love! I see you Patty Dukes!

935260_10151368546686302_610848135_nThem downtown hooligans, did somebody say free beer? lol

971881_10151368547106302_1165468941_nOkay, first things first...we drink!

374975_10151368545756302_115516428_nThen we draw...

942191_10151368546871302_533510566_nLet the blackbook session begin...

[youtube] Throw in a quick interview for The Source Magazine, props to Choice Royce.

945048_10151368546611302_1422749774_nSucklord, trying to figure out how to bootleg my shit! lol

970910_10151368546311302_1318029873_nOkay, time to politic with OG KaNO TVS and my boy Rob, we been hustling this art game since them Brooklyn Banks days! 486850_10151363562086302_65583787_nShout out to everyone that came out and supported the release, Much love to myplasticheart for hosting the event, and a special thank you to Toofly for being part of this kaNO kid project! we out.... till the next signing on the west coast TBA.