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Custom Toy Documentary

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final draft from dope vinyl on Vimeo.

Hey guys, peep this dope kickstarter campaign for Jordan Ahearn's new designer toy documentary. I know there's a bunch of documentaries made already about the subject matter, but this one seems to focus on custom toy artist. Jordan came by my studio and interviewed me for the film, I checked out a couple of segments and so far, it looks pretty dope. Here's the video, if you like what you see, click HERE and fund the project!

Intergalactic Android.

Earlier this year I was invited to be part of the very popular Android series 3 blind box figures. I submitted 3 designs and the one above was chosen for production. I was secretly hoping they would pick this one, as I designed it to be an homage to one of my favorite rap groups of all time, The Beastie Boys! My Android design rocks the Japanese hazard suits that the Beasties wore in the Intergalactic Planetary video. Unfortunately, during production MCA of the Beastie Boys passed away, I was crushed and this piece took on a whole new meaning for me. I'm very proud of this figure and can't wait to have 3 of them on display.